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Bonomia makeup by Chrom-Well

Your beauty is our obsession

Designed and inspired by the best European, French, Italian and German craftsmanship our lines of beauty products have only one purpose: to make YOU even more beautiful.

Our professional premium quality and exclusive choice of ingredients combine traditions and cutting edge technology in a perfect alliance of our grandmother’s legacy and the expectations of generations to come.

We are the answer to all your dreams: Bonomia covers the entire range of your beauty desires with its large collection of ultra glamorous lines for your eyes, lips, skin and nai

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For sure, make-up is a matter of pleasure of the senses…the choice of products however is a serious affair.

 At Bonomia, we understand the perfect art of balancing colour, texture, sensuality and comfort.  We offer expert care to the woman, whose only aim is to express outwardly her inner beauty, thus revealing her true femininity and creativity.


As the saying goes, “Eyes are the mirror of the soul”.

Dress your eyes and give them the look you desire, natural or intense…as you wish.


Bonomia Make-Up by Chrom-well Mascara lengthens, thickens and curbs even the shortest lashes.  Its texture and the specially designed brush give you thick, long-lasting and perfectly defined lashes all day!

Price 15,95€


A pencil is the perfect tool to underline and emphasize the contour of your eyes.

Bonomia Make-Up by Chrom-well Pencil accentuates your eyes and highlights your look for a spectacular effect.  Designed to contour your eyes with ease for thin or thick lines as you desire, our pencils give a perfect finish.

Price: 7,99€

Eye Shadow

Bonomia Make-Up by Chrom-well Eye Shadow sculpts your face and gives your eyes an incomparable luminous and vibrant look.  Liberate your creativity with the light, silky shades in a wide range of colours from our line to express your beauty and moods.

Price: 12,95€


Lipsticks and Gloss

Bonomia Make-Up by Chrom-well Lipstick, glossy or mat offers a creamy texture. Rich lustre or luxurious as the desired effect, your lips are moisturized, full and soft for a sublime smile.

Your face is a showcase for your lips….exquisite and sensual or sophisticated and elegant finish…the choice is yours.  At Bonomia, perfection is not only a lip service!

Price: 10,99€

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